Oscar Season at Cineworld – enjoy screenings of the Best Picture nominees for only €5 per ticket

Are you taking bets on the 2024 Academy Awards? We'll have to see if your hot tips pay off on the big night itself (March 10th).

However, before we get there, we're thrilled to announce the return of several major Oscar contenders to the big screen at Cineworld. Even more amazingly, you can enjoy these incredible films for just €5. 

We're presenting six of the most acclaimed movies for your pleasure, allowing you to catch up on films you may have missed, or simply presenting the opportunity for another awestruck glimpse.

Scroll down in the following blog post to discover each movie and the dates they're playing at a Cineworld cinema near you. 

1. Past Lives (screening March 1st)

Celine Song's haunting and melancholic drama has been nominated for four Oscars including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.

Past Lives is the tender story of reconciliation and the invisible threads of fate that connect people across the world, centering on estranged Korean friends Nora (Greta Lee) and Hae-Sung (Teo Yoo). Separated as children, the two meet again twenty years later as adults in New York where they are forced to contend with all the time that has been lost.



2. 'Barbenheimer' (Barbie and Oppenheimer both showing separately on March 2nd)

Get ready to party like it's July 2023 all over again. Last summer saw the confluence of two wildly different yet equally brilliant movies: Greta Gerwig's peppy and colourful Barbie, and Christopher Nolan's engrossing, sombre atomic bomb epic Oppenheimer.

Together, the two movies made up the 'Barbenheimer' phenomenon and, rather than cancelling themselves out, instead complemented each other to emerge as massive box-office success stories. Barbie became the biggest hit of the year and Oppenheimer wasn't far behind.

With Oppenheimer now the pack leader at the Oscars (13 nominations in total) and Barbie the recipient of a Best Picture nod, both movies are back at Cineworld. Will it be Barbenheimer or OppenBarbie kind of evening? However you do it, don't miss another chance to celebrate these moviemaking milestones.




3. The Holdovers (screening March 3rd)

No one grumps quite like Paul Giamatti and the Oscar-nominated actor (not to mention a recent Golden Globe winner) is on top form as he reunites with Sideways filmmaker Alexander Payne.

Giamatti plays a much-despised university lecturer who must take charge of the outcast students and loners whom their parents have left behind during the Christmas holiday. What then ensues is a sweet-natured yet insightful comedy-drama that ably crosses the generational divide with an excellent, Golden Globe-winning supporting performance from Da'Vine Joy Randolph as the college's grieving yet warm-hearted cook.


4. American Fiction (screening March 5th)

Jeffrey Wright is on top form in this satirical comedy-drama that has much to say about the perpetuation of racial stereotypes in mass media. Wright plays a struggling college professor who decides to write a book relying on the most appalling and outmoded of African-American caricatures.

Unexpectedly, his book becomes a huge success, but does this success come at the cost of his soul? Writer-director Cord Jefferson touches on the hot-button issues of today with warmth, perception and sharpness.


5. The Zone of Interest (screening March 6th)

British director Jonathan Glazer presents a Holocaust film like no other. The Zone of Interest is loosely adapted from Martin Amis' novel of the same name and dramatises the family life of Rudolf Höss. He was notorious as the Commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp and lived with his family across the wall from where mass murder, cruelty and immolation was routinely taking place.

Glazer keeps the visual imagery discreet, instead relying on Johnnie Burn's pervasive and suggestive sound design, plus Mica Levi's disorienting score, to fill in the horrifying gaps. The end result is a chilling and riveting statement on complicity and self-preservation with another strong performance from Sandra Hüller (BAFTA-nominated for Anatomy of a Fall) as Höss' wife, Hedwig.


6. Anatomy of a Fall (screening March 8th)

The aforementioned Sandra Hüller plays a wife and mother in the dock in this compelling French/English-language courtroom drama. Hüller portrays a successful novelist whose husband is found dead in the snow outside their snowbound chalet outside Grenoble. The only other witnesses on the scene are her partially-sighted son and the family dog. Now, she is on trial for her life. Did her husband commit suicide, did he fall accidentally, or was he pushed? 

Oscar-nominated writer and director Justine Triet carefully assembles the evidence in a procedural and suspenseful drama that cuts right to the heart of the flaws at the heart of eyewitness testimony. What happens when people convince themselves of what they want to see? And what does it mean when so many skeletons come pouring out of the closet of a seemingly happy family?




7. Killers of the Flower Moon (screening March 9th)

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro make a powerhouse trio in this Oscar-courting, four-hour-long epic adapted from David Grann's bestseller. Indigenous exploitation, oil and greed underline this coruscating look at the birth of contemporary America with Oscar nominee Lily Gladstone giving a standout performance.


8. Poor Things (screening March 10th)

Golden Globe winner and BAFTA nominee Emma Stone is now angling for her second Oscar in this delightfully crackers black comedy from The Lobster and The Favourite filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos.

Stone gives an intensely physical performance as Bella Baxter, a young woman who is a Frankenstein-esque combination of a child's brain in an adult's body. As she acclimates to the nature of her surrealist world, Bella starts to learn more about her identity and sexuality, resulting in an empowering odyssey that is equal parts revealing and flat-out hilarious. 


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