Recap the gritty events of the Equalizer series in this behind the scenes video

Back in 2014, Denzel Washington demonstrated a particular set of skills in the hard-hitting revenge flick The Equalizer, loosely adapted from the TV series of the same name. In 2018, Washington's character, Robert McCall, dished out more time-sensitive revenge via his trusty wrist-watch in The Equalizer 2.

In 2023, McCall's journey is set to be resolved in The Equalizer 3. As with the previous movies, it's a collaboration between Washington and director Antoine Fuqua, a partnership that yielded Oscar-winning success for the actor with 2001's Training Day. 

McCall has now retreated to Italy's sweeping Amalfi coast where he seeks redemption for his former life of violence. But a run-in with a violent Mafioso clan makes it apparent that McCall can't easily escape his past or those bone-breaking skills that have defined him.

Recap the enjoyably crunchy and punchy events of the Equalizer series so far in the following clip and prepare for more gritty retribution when The Equalizer 3 hits us on September 1st.