ScreenX in Cineworld: everything you need to know

Don't just watch a movie – step into its world via the 270 degree immersiveness of ScreenX in Cineworld. Here's what you need to know.

What is ScreenX at Cineworld?

Find out more about the 270 degree viewing experience that will re-shape the way you watch movies.

Get all the details of ScreenX in Cineworld.

ScreenX gala opening at Cineworld O2 Greenwich

In August 2018, we proudly opened the doors to our brand new panoramic viewing experience at London's biggest cinema.

Get the details of the 4DX gala opening at Cineworld O2 Greenwich.

ScreenX at Cineworld Castleford

On 24th October, we opened our brand new 4DX screen at Cineworld Castleford.

Find out more about 4DX at Cineworld Castleford.

ScreenX at Cineworld Wandsworth, Watford and Milton Keynes

In time for Christmas 2018, we opened the doors to three ScreenX experiences across the UK.

Get the details about ScreenX opening at three Cineworld cinemas.

ScreenX Cineworld Sheffield

On 5th April 2019, we brought the ScreenX experience to Sheffield.

Find out more about ScreenX at Cineworld Sheffield.

ScreenX Cineworld Crawley

Also on 5th April, ScreenX arrived at Cineworld Crawley.

Find out more about ScreenX at Cineworld Crawley.

ScreenX Cineworld Basildon

Our final ScreenX opening on 5th April was at Cineworld Basildon.

Find out more about ScreenX at Cineworld Basildon.

ScreenX opens at Cineworld's 100th cinema

We celebrated the launch of the 100th Cineworld cinema in the UK with ScreenX at Rushden Lakes.

Find out more about ScreenX at Cineworld Rushden Lakes.

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