Strays featurettes take you behind the scenes of this month's outrageous talking dog comedy

Upcoming comedy Strays gives new meaning to the phrase 'a dog's life'. The seemingly adorable pooches in this outrageous confection are anything but cuddly – instead, they booze and curse like sailors while vowing to take revenge on the humans who haven't cared for them properly.

What do you expect from the team behind the manic (and decidedly adult) movies Cocaine Bear and Ted? Throw in an all-star voice cast including Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx and it's evident that the humour in the movie aims to play ruff. Yes, this is not one for the kiddies, despite the dog-friendly exterior.

Go behind the scenes in the following featurettes and discover how Strays came to the screen.


Strays is on release at Cineworld from August 18th.