Tenet: IMAX preview reactions promise a crazy "backwards-forwards" ride

A 10-minute preview of Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet has been attached to the 10th-anniversary re-release of Inception. And the reactions promise another audacious, jaw-dropping and thrilling blockbuster experience from this rule-breaking filmmaker.

Tenet deals not in time travel but 'time-inversion', and the IMAX reactions have teased how this plays out in the movie. The preview reportedly features sequences shot in backwards and forwards motion, scrambling our pre-conceived notions of what time is. It's very, very Nolan, as is the fact that the movie has used virtually no green screen whatsoever. Everything has been captured in-camera with stunts and practical effects, which has already impressed Tenet actor Himesh Patel.


We trust that'a got you fired up for Nolan's latest epic. If you haven't already done so, click here to book your tickets for Tenet. The movie opens in the UK and Ireland on 26th August.