The Aeronauts: book now for your Cineworld Unlimited IMAX screening

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones take to the skies in The Aeronauts, which screens in IMAX and widescreen for Cineworld Unlimited members this November.

Redmayne portrays real-life meteorologist James Glaisher who takes to the skies to discover more about our planet's weather systems. He's accompanied by pilot and balloonist Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) – together they take to the heavens and come face to face with the majesty and the terror of the elements.

Not only is this the long-awaited reunion of Redmayne and Jones (they starred together in The Theory of Everything). It's also a screen-filling historical epic that depicts the beauty and danger of our planet from up on high.

This is our first-ever Cineworld Unlimited IMAX screening, and an experience you don't want to miss. The Aeronauts was shot by director Tom Harper (Wild Rose) in IMAX, and is therefore a movie that tests the possibilities of the format. Watch in awe as Glaisher and Wren see the world from above, the IMAX aspect ratio (26% larger than a standard screening) and immersive sound design pulling audiences into their journey.

Click here to book for the Unlimited screening of The Aeronauts, screening in IMAX tonight (1st November) and in widescreen on Sunday the 3rd of November. Don't forget to let us know @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited when you've secured your seat.

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