The Black Phone: find out what Cineworlders made of the chilling Ethan Hawke horror movie

Spines were tingled and pulses were raised when The Black Phone previewed for Cineworld audiences on Saturday. 

Ethan Hawke gives a revelatory performance as the sinister child kidnapper-killer known only as The Grabber. Having accosted his latest victim, Finney (Mason Thames), The Grabber looks set to continue his reign of terror.

However, Finney then discovers a black phone in the basement and uses it to communicate with The Grabber's deceased former victims. Before long, the boy is able to turn the tables on his tormentor.

Adapted from a short story by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son), The Black Phone marks director Scott Derrickson's return to horror following the hit Sinister (which also starred Ethan Hawke). So, what did the Cineworld crowd make of the movie? Scroll down to discover some of the responses.


The Black Phone opens in Cineworld cinemas nationwide on 24th June. Are you brave enough to watch it on the big screen? Let us know @Cineworld.