The Creator featurette explores the implications of an all-powerful A.I.

Directed by Gareth Edwards, The Creator is an epic sci-fi thriller that pits humans against a sentient A.I. In the ongoing battle between man and machine, humanity is very much on the back foot, until the resistance learns of a possible solution.

John David Washington's bereaved soldier must embark on a dangerous mission to kill the Creator. This individual has developed a mysterious weapon with the power to end the war by destroying mankind itself. Washington's character Joshua must eliminate both the target and the hardware, but when said weapon is revealed to be a biomechanical child, things get a lot more ethically complicated. 

With overtones of Edwards' very own Rogue One, plus a host of other classic science-fiction tales, there's no denying that The Creator will have visual scope and thematic resonance to spare. Any movie riffing on the threat of omnipresent artificial intelligence is clearly more relevant in today's age than ever before, so what did it mean for Edwards to put this in the service of a grandiose post-apocalyptic war epic?

Find out in the following video as Edwards outlines his vision for the movie. The Creator is released on September 28th.