Wesley Snipes talks The Expendables 3: "You try not to get lost in the sauce"

Ever found yourself wondering how the assembled stars of The Expendables 3 manage to stand out in such a beefy ensemble? Well in an interview with The Guardian, actor Wesley Snipes addresses this very issue.

"You try to find that niche where you can still hold your own," Snipes explains to Andrew Pulver. "Not overdo it, but also not get lost in the sauce at the same time with all these big personalities and stars."

The film marks a comeback for one-time action megastar Snipes who has recently served time for tax evasion, something that's referenced within the film itself ("I didn't write that! I just had to figure out a way to sell it.") Snipes reunites with his Demolition Man co-star Sylvester Stallone, along with Arnie, Statham, Lundgren, Gibson and Ford.

Click here to watch the full interview. As a little bonus, it also features Antonio Banderas talking about the film – although amusingly, he spends more time drawing comparisons with his collaborations with director Pedro Almodovar.

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