Ticket to Paradise: discover what the critics have said about the George Clooney/Julia Roberts rom-com

Movie stars don't come bigger than George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The old Ocean's 11 sparring partners are now at it again, playing deliciously crabby exes in the frothy rom-com Ticket to Paradise.

When Clooney and Roberts' acrimonious divorcees discover they're both headed for their daughter's tropical island wedding, sparks are sure to fly.

Fancy a front seat to a sunny mixture of A-listers, gorgeous locations and zingy barbs? You've come to the right place.

With Ticket to Paradise on release in Cineworld from next week, here's what the critics have said.


Clooney and Roberts bring the star power

Ben Travis, Empire: “With Clooney and Roberts cranking up the charm, even the creakier elements of Ticket To Paradise are watchable. A warm, witty, welcome escape from reality.”

Shannon Connellan, Mashable: “A fun destination wedding rom-com with Hollywood megastar leads and a savvy script, filmed in a truly magnificent location.”


It's escapist entertainment

Nadine Whitney, Filmink: “…the epitome of light entertainment, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.. For people of a certain age, it’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser.”

Richard Kuipers, Variety: “While far from a classic of its kind, this is likely to be just the “Ticket” for general viewers relishing the chance to watch Roberts and Clooney trade poisonous barbs, before being struck by Cupid’s arrow all over again.”

Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter: “It’s a foolhardy plan to craft a film almost entirely around the onscreen chemistry between two movie stars and hope for the best. But when those stars are George Clooney and Julia Roberts, the combustive power of their pairing will go a long-ish way.”


Mixed reactions?

Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph: “When it’s in-flight entertainment this winter, no one will necessarily moan, but it plays like a soothing feature-length trailer for your first cocktail on the beach.”


Billie Lourd steals it (again)

Clarisse Loughrey, Independent: “She’s essentially playing the same scene-stealing, bon vivant weirdo as in 2019’s Booksmart: hysterically funny while always having a minimum of two day-glo-tinged cocktails glued to her hands.”


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