Tiktoker Francis Bourgeois goes behind the scenes of The Railway Children Return

The Railway Children Return continues the legacy of a much-loved British classic. In 1970, The Railway Children, adapted from E. Nesbit's novel, enveloped audiences in a nostalgic ode to days gone past.

The movie made a star out of Jenny Agutter in her role as the headstrong Roberta aka Bobbie. She and her siblings find themselves pining for their absentee father who has been wrongfully imprisoned. The climax remains one of the most tear-jerking and beautiful of any family film, so the sequel has a lot to live up to.

Agutter returns to the role of Bobby and a new generation of child actors take up the mantle of the eponymous railway children. The story this time takes place in 1940s Yorkshire during the height of World War II, and a group of child evacuees must help a stranded soldier.

TikToker Francois Bourgeois went behind the scenes to explore the history of The Railway Children, and he also caught up with the film's actors to test their knowledge in a fun quiz. Watch the video below.


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