Till: discover the true story behind the powerful new drama

Till is a salute to the power of the human spirit and is set to be one of the new year's most powerful cinematic experiences.

Based on true events, the movie explores one woman's fight to seek justice for her deceased son. Danielle Deadwyler is stunning as Mamie Till, the woman who becomes a figurehead for the Civil Rights Movement as she seeks to expose the brutal truth behind her child's death.

The movie is already being talked about in terms of the Oscars. Will Deadwyler land a nomination for Best Actress? Based on the laudatory reviews she's received, it seems likely.

"Danielle Deadwyler takes all of that pressure, pain, and misery and transforms that into a powerful performance that anchors the entire film," raves Valerie Complex for Deadline Hollywood.

Get the inside track on one of the new year's most acclaimed movies. Go behind the scenes of Till and don't miss it at Cineworld on January 6.