Uncover the inspiring true story behind Michael Caine's new movie The Great Escaper

Are we about to bid farewell to Michael Caine on the big screen? Not quite yet – Caine's heartwarming new movie The Great Escaper is said to be his penultimate project, but regardless, let's savour the charismatic British icon while we still can. 

The 90-year-old Oscar-winning veteran of British and Hollywood cinema now turns his attention to a remarkable true story. Caine portrays Bernard Jordan, the pensioner who fled his retirement home to join the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy.

Caine plays Jordan with all the pluck and verve one expects and he's joined on-screen by the late, equally iconic Glenda Jackson. A fellow Oscar-winner, she portrays Bernard's devoted wife Irene in her final screen role.

Those looking for a cheerful and inspiring pick-me-up this October are encouraged to seek out The Great Escaper on the big screen. It's a stirring reminder of the indomitable human spirit and also cements Caine and Jackson as cinematic legends.

If your interest in the film has been piqued, then check out the following video clips that take you behind the scenes. The extracts explore Bernard's powerful true story, his loving connection with Irene and Caine's screen presence.


It's time to head to Cineworld, grab a cuppa and sit back to revel in the one-and-only Michael Caine's acting abilities. Click the link below to book your tickets for The Great Escaper, opening on October 6th.