We are committed to providing wheelchair access at all of our cinemas where possible. The majority of our cinemas have full or restricted disabled toilets access.

In addition we have the following facilities:

  • Automatic front doors are available at certain cinemas
  • Disabled parking spaces and foyer seating are available at certain cinemas

Wheelchair spaces can be booked online. They are marked as such on our seating maps. Alternatively, you can call for assistance. Simply contact our Customer Services team on 0333 003 3444.

Yes. At Cineworld Cinemas, we are committed to offering maximum accessibility and we strive to provide facilities that meet the requirements of all our customers.

The CEA card helps us to ensure that reasonable support is made available to you. Any customer who is in receipt of DLA (disability living allowance) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is eligible to apply to join this scheme, which will grant them a free ticket for someone to accompany them during their cinema visit. For more information and application forms customers can access the website at

An administration fee is payable to process the application and proof of eligibility will be required.

Unlimited card-holders can get a free ticket for their carer with a CEA Card.

These are special performances of recently released films which have subtle changes to the cinema environment that means people who have sensory differences may have a more positive experience than they would in a traditional cinema setting. Changes include the lights being kept on at a low level, the sound being turned down and there are no trailers or advertisements - just the film. For more information on these screenings please visit the Dimensions website.

You can either filter by subtitled screenings when selecting your local Cineworld, or you can go to our dedicated Subtitled Screenings page here.