2023 movie releases: everything you need to see at Cineworld this year

The new year is here and a thrilling 12 months' worth of movies now stretches out before you. Need some help in determining what to watch on the big screen at Cineworld? Ask and you shall receive.

Hit the links below to discover what's on and when at your local cinema. From family extravaganzas to terrifying horror chillers, there's a non-stop line-up of big-screen entertainment for all ages and tastes.

The hard part? Fitting them all in...


1. Comic book movies in 2023

This year is bookended by major new releases from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). How many will you watch on the big screen?

Discover all the comic book movies in 2023.

2. Family movies in 2023

From charming, kid-friendly animated adventures to intriguing live-action reboots, there's plenty of all ages-entertainment headed your way.

Discover all the family movies in 2023.

3. Action movies in 2023

Keanu Reeves kicking butt in the fourth John Wick movie? The conclusive chapter of the sweeping Dune saga? 2023 has got it covered in the action department.

Discover all the action movies in 2023.

4. Horror movies in 2023

Fancy a scare this year? There's all sorts of spine-tingling entertainment headed your way, ranging from Evil Dead to Saw.

Discover all the family movies in 2023.

What will you be watching at Cineworld this year? As you can see there's a tremendous amount of unmissable content due for release in 2023, so tweet us your must-see movies @Cineworld.

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