Why a 4DX ticket for Trolls Band Together will have you rocking in your seat

Trolls Band Together celebrates #Broppy as the loveable Branch (Justin Timberlake) and Poppy (Anna Kendrick) finally become a couple.

But that's not the only surprise on offer in the colourful new Trolls adventure. The latest movie delves into Branch's secret boyband past with his group BroZone, which he shared with his brothers.

When one of Branch's siblings is kidnapped by a pair of nefarious music producers, it falls to Branch, Anna and their friends to save the day.

Trolls Band Together is showing exclusively at Cineworld in 4DX and here's why a 4DX ticket will have you and the family rocking out this half-term.


1. Motion-controlled seats will have you rocking along with BroZone

Multi-sensory 4DX is exclusive to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland, promising a fun and tactile Trolls romp that you won't find anywhere else.

4DX deploys motion-controlled seats that move, vibrate and shake in time with every facet of the on-screen action. Not only will it feel like you're scampering, leaping and diving along with the Trolls inside their own world, but 4DX will synchronise with every beat of Branch's old group BroZone.

So, when we say you'll rock out to Trolls in 4DX, we mean it in every sense. You can find out more in the following video.


2. Effects and sensations emphasise the physical nature of the Trolls universe

In addition to moving seats, water, wind and scent effects help break down the boundary between you and the big screen. In short, the tactility helps pull you and the kids even further into the enjoyably frenetic world of the Trolls.

Feel like you're part of the action as our heroes rush to save Branch's brother. The wind in your hair and the water at your feet bring to life the multifaceted environments through which the characters are trekking to help save the day.



3. Strobe lighting brings the BroZone concert experience directly to you

Dynamic lighting effects are also timed to the on-screen action. Want to feel like you're a member of a BroZone concert in all its neon-laden boyband glory? 4DX is where you start.

And it's not just about the boys. Camilla Cabello has collaborated with Anna Kendrick to produce this year's equivalent of the first movie's 'Can't Stop the Feeling'. It's called 'It Takes Two' and you can watch the music video below before your 4DX experience of the movie.


4. There's a small 4DX uplift for Unlimited members

Unlimited member? No problem – you can still embark on the latest madcap Trolls outing. Just remember there's a small uplift to £4.70. Other than that, you're ready to go.

Not a member of Unlimited? More details about a membership including access to advance screenings and special discounts are explained in this clip.


Trolls Band Together is now on release at Cineworld. Book your tickets and start making some family memories in 4DX.