A Man Called Otto: Unlimited members cast their verdict on the new Tom Hanks movie

Tom Hanks with a bad temper? Say it isn't so. That's the delicious premise of the bittersweet new comedy-drama A Man Called Otto, in which Oscar-winner Hanks plays a grieving, grumpy busybody with a concealed heart of gold.

Hanks' character Otto can't face going on after the death of his wife. However, he gets a fresh perspective on life when new neighbours arrive on the block and steadily begin to coax him out of his shell. That said, it's initially a big ask to get the miserable Otto to crack a smile, let alone go the extra mile for somebody else.

Hanks' invincible screen charisma powers this remake of the 2015 Swedish movie A Man Called Ove. This week, we treated Cineworld Unlimited members to an advance screening of A Man Called Otto and we've gathered a few of their reactions below. Is it another winner for the actor officially dubbed the nicest guy in the movies? Scroll down and check out the responses.


We think that's a winner, don't you? If you missed last night's screening of A Man Called Otto, the good news is it's now on release at Cineworld. Click here to book your tickets and watch the trailer below.


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