A Quiet Place: Part II – 5 'stay silent' challenges for your Cineworld experience

A Quiet Place: Part II arrives in Cineworld cinemas very soon (click here for your Unlimited screening). Like the first film, it's more than just a rip-roaring creature feature. The movie sketches a world where even the slightest noise signals the divide between life and death, and we wanted to extend a few fun challenges for your Cineworld experience.

While you're watching the movie, try to follow these all-important tips and see if you can stay as quiet as the Abbott family...


1. Unwrap your sweets with a minimum of rustling

Here's an added kicker – try and do it during the quietest moments of the movie, and test your ability to keep those invasive noises to a minimum. If you succeed, chances are you'd do pretty well in the world of A Quiet Place. If you make too much commotion, however, well...

2. Eat popcorn and treats with a minimum of crunch

Snacking while watching movies goes hand in hand. But chomping is a noisy activity, as well all know. Do you have the leather patience to masticate properly and keep those troublesome noises under control? It might be worth trying out with your next box of sweet or salted.

3. See if you can stop your seat creaking

Here's a challenging one – can you sit absolutely still and stop that seat from making piercing noises? Of course, this will down to luck of the draw – some people will alight on a noisier seat than others, but all the more reason for those people to double their efforts.

4. Reduce the sound of your own breathing

In A Quiet Place, the slightest intake of breath has the potential to cause chaos. Can you stay as measured and composed as the characters during sequences of high tension and imminent catastrophe?

5. Learn to signal with your eyes

If you're planning to watch the movie with a friend or partner, you may be tempted to express yourself verbally, even in a whisper. However, this would be a mistake. Do as the Abbotts do and try to communicate your emotions with your eyes only. In the world of A Quiet Place, such skills save lives...

Are you ready to put these challenges to the test? Then click here to book your tickets for A Quiet Place: Part II, which previews on the 31st of May and opens on the 3rd of June. Also don't forget about our double-bill of A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place: Part II.