August movie releases in Cineworld: Bullet Train, Nope and more

What will you be watching at Cineworld this August? From A-list action extravaganzas to creepy horror spectacles, we've got all bases covered. Scroll down to find out what's on and when.

1. RoboCop: 35th anniversary 4K Director's Cut (released August 2nd)

We're sure you'd buy this for a dollar. Paul Verhoeven's outrageously satirical, violent and incisive sci-fi classic RoboCop is 35 years old, and strides back onto the big screen in a lustrous new 4K print. Even more significantly, it restores all of the footage previously cut out by the squeamish American censors, making this the unfettered RoboCop experience for which fans have long clamoured.

Peter Weller delivers a career-defining role as Murphy, the Detroit cop who is savagely murdered by the hideous Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) and his gang. Reborn as the cyborg RoboCop by the corporation Omni Consumer Products, Murphy is tasked with ridding the streets of crime – but can't quite suppress the memories of who he once was. What happens next is as shocking and provocative as it is exciting and moving. 

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2. Bullet Train (released August 3rd)

The last time we saw Brad Pitt on the big screen, he was savagely eliminating a group of hippies (to Oscar-winning effect) in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

With the arrival of Bullet Train, Pitt doubles down on those action chops to bring us a relentless action extravaganza of quirky characters and darkly comic ultraviolence. 

Pitt plays Lady Bug in this adaptation of the Japanese novel Maria Beetle. Tasked by his mysterious handler, the aforementioned Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock), with transporting a valuable briefcase from Tokyo to Kyoto, Lady Bug is seemingly assured of a smooth ride.

However, when his professional rivals emerge from the woodwork, the train journey turns into a rollercoaster ride from hell as the various assassins attempt to outdo each other in the creative killing stakes.

Atomic Blonde director David Leitch brings his penchant for smooth-running, logistically complex action to bear on this thriller that also stars Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry.

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3. Nope (released August 12th)

Back in 2017, Jordan Peele emerged as a thrilling new voice in horror cinema with his solo debut feature Get Out. A satirical mixture of 12 Years a Slave and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Get Out initiated Peele's ability to mine provocatively uncomfortable subject matter for laughs and scares in equal measure.

Peele subsequently became the first-ever African-American filmmaker to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. His formula was cemented with the increasingly ambitious Us, a twisted, demonic tale of doppelgangers and a class-related American uprising that showcased a stunning dual performance from Lupita Nyong'o.

To say that Peele's third feature, Nope, is eagerly anticipated is to underestimate it. The story mixes up UFO phenomena, the history of Hollywood marginalisation, brother/sister relationships and a whole lot more, although we're clearly not about to ruin the surprises here. Suffice to say, with a cast led by Get Out star (and subsequent Oscar winner) Daniel Kaluuya, there's a lot to get excited about.

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4. Fisherman's Friends: One and All (released August 19th)

The original Fisherman's Friends movie became a sleeper box office hit on its UK release back in 2019. Now, the loveable Cornish music collective is back for another heartwarming round of bonhomie and sea shanty charm.

The sequel dramatises a key chapter in the saga of the real-life Fisherman's Friends group, as the lads struggle to navigate fame en route to performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

Original stars James Purefoy, David Hayman and Dave Johns all return for another enveloping comedy-drama that's sure to be as wholesome as a Cornish cream tea.

5. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Director's Edition (released August 19th)

Get ready to venture into the final frontier in Cineworld as the inaugural Star Trek movie returns to the big screen.

Initially released with incomplete special effects, and debuting to mixed reviews, Star Trek: The Motion Picture strikes a decidedly more cerebral, thoughtful tone than its more celebrated predecessors. However, it's a pleasure to watch the likes of Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) take up their U.S.S. Enterprise positions, as orchestrated by director Robert Wise.

The movie's sense of scale cannot be denied, and demands to be experienced on the biggest screen possible, especially in the awe-inspiring V'Ger cloud sequence as accompanied by Jerry Goldsmith's groundbreaking score. This iteration of The Motion Picture presents Wise's 2001 update of the movie, in which he refined the initial edit and improved the visual effects.

It's the first time that The Director's Edition, complete with a richly dynamic new sound mix, has been seen on the big screen in a HD remastered format. It's therefore a piece of history that you cannot miss at Cineworld.

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