3 reasons why you need to experience First Man in IMAX

How do you fancy taking a trip to the moon? We can't promise the real thing, but with the release of critically lauded new movie First Man in IMAX, you can set off on a spectacular galactic voyage. 

The film is directed by La La Land filmmaker Damien Chazelle, recounting the famed Apollo 11 moon mission undertaken by astronaut Neil Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling). It's generated buzz at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals for how it brings an iconic piece of human history to visceral, thrilling life – here's why you need to experience the movie in IMAX.

1. Witness stunning lunar sequences filmed with IMAX cameras

Filmmakers like Christopher Nolan have capitalised on the overwhelming power of IMAX technology, setting a precedent for First Man director Chazelle who places us right inside the Apollo 11 capsule. Even more importantly, the added dimensions of IMAX reclaim that life-changing moon walk from years of grainy television footage, bringing the moment to life and allowing us to practically walk beside Armstrong.

2. See up to 26% more picture

With IMAX’s aspect ratio, audiences will see up to 26% more picture on screen – all the better to be engulfed by the scale and emotion of Chazelle and Gosling's new movie.

3. Be overwhelmed by the heart-pounding audio

If you thought 1995's Apollo 13 dramatised the dangers of space travel, First Man takes it to the next level, fully amplifying the danger Armstrong and his crew faced on their voyage. In IMAX, audiences will feel the emotion (and the incredible rocket launch) of the revolutionary mission to the moon through powerful surround sound.

Click here to book your IMAX tickets for First Man, opening in Cineworld on Friday 12th October.