Your Wish is granted: book your tickets for Disney's Wish and go behind the scenes

Your Wish is our command: you can now book your Cineworld tickets for Disney's magical new animation Wish, which promises to cast a spell this November.

It's the latest movie from the makers of Frozen and you're undoubtedly eager to secure your seat (the booking link is at the end of this post). But before you do so, it's time to get up to speed with the delightful characters of Disney's latest in the following clips and featurettes.

The film is set in the enchanted kingdom of Rosas, showcasing an arresting blend of traditional hand-drawn animation and CGI. In line with Disney's centennial, the movie puts a twist on the perennial trope of wishing upon a star, which has distinguished the classic likes of Pinocchio and others.

Oscar winner Ariana DeBose voices Asha, an idealistic young woman who seeks to save Rosas from an imminent threat. Her wish causes an actual living star to manifest in front of her but the nefarious King Magnifico (Chris Pine), ruler of Rosas and keeper of all the kingdom's wishes, has a different agenda.

You can watch DeBose and Pine work their magic from the recording booth in the following behind-the-scenes clips. 


Wish: a century in the making

How has Disney consistently conjured extraordinary and memorable dreams for over 100 years, and how does Wish honour this legacy? This clip reveals all.


Enter the enchanted kingdom of Rosas

The magical landscape of Rosas is ready to welcome audiences this November. The following clip gives you a taste of what to expect.

Discover the making of Rosas

Uncover the breathtaking secrets of Rosas and discover how the city was created for the screen in this extract.

Meet the voices behind Wish

What does it take to imbue life into a Disney animated character? How does an A-list star get into character as a Disney villain? Find out in the following extracts.


Discover the story behind the new Disney song 'This Wish'

Filmmakers Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, two of the powerhouses behind Disney's Frozen, explain the importance of Disney's latest anthem. Find out how it was recorded with Ariana DeBose and how 'This Wish' honours a classic Disney legacy. Could we be looking at the new 'Let It Go'?


Watch the video for the new villain's song 'This is the Thanks I Get'

Disney baddies always get the best tunes, right? Chris Pine's scheming King Magnifico looks to continue the trend with his ironically upbeat tirade against the people of Rosas. Watch the video below and then keep on scrolling for footage of Pine recording the song.


Book your tickets for Disney's Wish

Turn your dreams into a reality and click the link below to book your tickets for Wish. The movie is released on November 24th.