Chaos Walking trailer: what we've learned about the Tom Holland movie

Chaos Walking is the new movie adaptation of Patrick Ness' bestselling young adult novel. Spider-Man's Tom Holland and Star Wars' Daisy Ridley are the chalk and cheese pair attempting to survive the harsh environment of New World, beset by a mysterious force known as Noise.

Confused? Stick with us as we present our Cineworld blog breakdown of the Chaos Walking trailer. From the characters to the explanation of Noise itself, this will bring you up to date.


1. Daisy Ridley plays the only woman character on New World

Ridley's character Viola crash-lands in a spaceship on the mysterious planet of New World. And she's in for a surprise...


2. All the male inhabitants of New World can hear each other's thoughts via Noise

It turns out that all of the planet's inhabitants are men, and they've not seen a woman since goodness knows when. Even more bizarrely, their thoughts are externalized and made audible by a cryptic force known as Noise, which is shown via a series of coloured, squiggly lines.

3. Tom Holland plays the heroic Todd

Not surprisingly, Tom Holland's character Todd finds himself fascinated with the character of Viola. Given his young age, he's likely never even met a woman before (we're assuming). But unlike the planet's more calculating inhabitants, he recognises Viola's humanity and vows to protect her.

4. Mads Mikkelsen is the villain

The Casino Royale actor (now tapped to play Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3) is clad in a sinister fur coat/hat combo as New World's resident despot, David Prentiss. We all know that Mikkelsen can play evil with relish (also see Doctor Strange), and this should nicely offset the more wholesome work from Holland and Ridley. (There's also supporting work from Nick Jonas and David Oyelowo, both glowering and leering in a manner that suggests villainy.)

5. Daisy Ridley's character holds the key to the future

We're not sure how, but given that Viola is the only person not to be afflicted by Noise (i.e. the men can't hear her thoughts), she appears to be of value. She then goes on the run with Todd in an adventure story orchestrated by director Doug Liman, responsible for The Bourne Identity. Will he bring the same level of overwrought energy to this fantastical narrative?

Chaos Walking is due for release in 2021, so check out the trailer and tweet us your thoughts @Cineworld.