Cambridge Film Festival screenings in Cineworld

The Cambridge Film Festival is now on, running until 29 September and bringing you 10 glorious days of the very best cinema. And this year, we're delighted to announce that the festival screens at Cineworld.

If you're an Unlimited customer, we're sure you love catching all the latest Unlimited screenings. But do you ever find yourself wanting to catch the smaller films? Then get down to the Cambridge Film Festival.

If you're a regular Cineworld customer, ever wished that you could enjoy a serving of the finest indie cinema that offers a refreshing change from the usual blockbuster fare? You know what we're going to say. Get down to the Cambridge Film Festival!

Screening this year is critically acclaimed mood piece Upstream Colour. Primer director Shane Carruth directs this hallucinatory tale set in a bizarre parallel universe. The plot defies easy description but it's a masterwork of eerie atmosphere. The film screens on 24 September at 6PM.

Also showing is the wonderfully atmospheric outlaw drama Ain't Them Bodies Saints. This engrossing tale, set in dusty, wind-swept Texas, explores the relationship between imprisoned outlaw Casey Affleck and his former girlfriend/cohort turned mother Rooney Mara. With overtones of Terrence Malick's classic Badlands, it's an absorbing and arresting story. The film screens on 23 September at 3.30PM and 8.45PM

Also screening is Hawking, a moving and intimate look at the extraordinary life of Stephen Hawking. The film moves from the time when Hawking was tragically diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease at the age of 21, to his emergence as one of the greatest scientific figures of his age. The film is showing on 21 September at 4PM.

As if all that hasn't whetted your appetite enough, the festival is also screening all time classics like Gone With the Wind and The Shining, alongside a diverse range of upcoming movies including Tommy Lee Jones war movie Emperor.

We think that should be enough to keep you Cineworld customers happy for a while! For more details on the Cambridge Film Festival, click here.