The exciting new cinime app means you can use your little screen to get more from the big screen!

cinime is a cool new mobile app that helps you get more from a trip to the movies.

There are plenty of rewards and treats on offer to ensure you get the most out of your cinema visit, with content, vouchers and prizes to be won or unlocked every time you visit. Whenever you see the cinime logo, grab your phone and start looking out for rewards.

Offers are available before and after the movie, so always keep your eyes open for cinime as there will be lots of benefits for downloading.

And it gets better! You can also use cinime to play along with the big screen and test your film facts in The PlayStation Big Screen Quiz before the movie, with a chance to scoop free popcorn for your next visit.

So be sure to get there early. Or you might get content from new films by scanning foyer posters with your app before entering on screen competitions to win fantastic prizes such as première or screening tickets. Once you’ve got your snacks and drinks and found your seat, switch your phone to silent and leave your cinime app open.

It’ll respond and interact with the screen while you sit back and enjoy the ads, delivering content, offers and discounts directly to your phone.

cinime is initially available in the following Cineworld sites: Aberdeen Queens Link and Union Square, Aldershot, Brighton, Cheltenham, Eastbourne, Nottingham, Shaftesbury Avenue and Wandsworth. Offers are subject to availability and terms and conditions apply.

For more info and terms and conditions and to download the cinime app, visit