Maximise your Unlimited membership

2015 is set to be a spectacular year of Unmissable Movies, with the likes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spectre and Avengers: Age of Ultron making their way to Cineworld screens. And we know you Unlimited customers are chomping at the bit to watch them all.

Even so, there's a multitude of ways you can keep up to date with the latest exciting movie news, in the process maximising your Unlimited membership.

Visit us on the Cineworld blog for movie news, exclusives, interviews, clips and trailers – we recently spoke to David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay about Oscar winning Martin Luther King biopic Selma.

Get social! Engage with your fellow Unlimited members about the greatest movies on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, you can enter our exclusive competitions and win cool prizes.

And if you think there are seriously way too many movies to cram into your schedule this year, utilise Cineworld's handy new Movie Planner. Simply login, select the genres and movies you want to be reminded about, and then synchronise the release dates to your individual iCal, Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account calendar. You will get a reminder when each film is released so you never have to miss a film at the cinema again.

2015: it's the best year to be a Cineworld Unlimited member.