Unlimited member Nathan Bagust takes part in our 'Sweet or Salted?' interview

Nathan Bagust was the lucky winner of last month's Unlimited membership competition. So we thought we'd catch up with him and quiz him on all things movie-related in our 'Sweet or Salted?' interview. Discover Nathan's favourite movies and also the ones he's most looking forward to over the next 12 months.

Which Cineworld cinema do you go to most often?

I visit your Wolverhampton branch most often but have plans to visit your new Telford branch soon.

How long have you been an Unlimited member?

Since October 2012.

What was the first film you ever saw in the cinema?

The first one I can remember is Matilda (1996).

What Unmissable Movie are you looking forward to the most during 2015?

Has to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Sweet or salty popcorn?

Definitely salty.

What films are your guilty pleasures?

The Guest, The Notebook, Blue Valentine

Which film would you like to be a character in?

Probably The Godfather, it’s a classic!

Which film have you seen the most times?

Difficult, but Saving Private Ryan I imagine.

What is your all-time favourite film?

Taxi Driver.

Which movie star would you like to share a pick and mix with? 

Jeff Bridges, he’s The Dude! 

Bond or Bourne? 


Alien or Aliens?


Best Batman? 

Definitely Christian Bale 

Favourite film quote? 

"Im gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse" – The Godfather 

Trailers – rate or hate? 

Rate, but not too many times, it can ruin a movie. 

What are your favourite remakes? 

Scarface, 3:10 to Yuma or The Departed.

Oscar nominee or summer blockbuster? 

Oscar nominee 

What film would you like to see brought back to the cinema? 

Would love a chance to see Psycho in the cinema, it’s iconic. Or more recently The Wolf of Wall Street, that was brilliant on the big screen. 

What do you like most about being an Unlimited Customer? 

I love being able to see as many films as I like and as often as I like. It’s called Unlimited and it really is!