Cineworld customers Tweet about the Unlimited screening of Saving Mr Banks

Our Unlimited screening of Saving Mr Banks on 11 November has yielded delighted tweets from viewers.

The film explores the making of Disney classic Mary Poppins, with a focus on the conflict between the legendary Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) and the book's author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson).

On Cineworld's main Twitter page, Chelle is especially effusive. "Unlimited previews just get better! Absolutely loved Saving Mr Banks, even shed a lil' tear! Can't beat Disney." Now, that's the sort of response that we like!

Chelle isn't the only one who blubbed during the film. The incongruously named Dangerous Person says "Saving Mr Banks Unlimited Preview. So good, Emma Thompson is utterly engaging & I can't help but cry with her."

It's a hat trick of tears, with Keith King also admitting to feeling moved by the film. "Long story short. Didn't want to go, cried at the end, loved it. A good old fashioned, proper film."

And on the Twitter page for our newly opened Wembley cinema, Owen Dryden says, "Saving Mr Banks was great! 9/10. Thanks for the advance screening." Glad to oblige, Owen!

Were you at the Unlimited screening? If so, we'd love to hear your thoughts on Saving Mr Banks. The film opens nationwide on 29 November 2013.