DC League of Super-Pets: watch Keanu Reeves as Batman in the latest trailer

Can't get enough of Robert Pattinson's The Batman? Well, it's time to send out the Bat-signal again as we mark the arrival of the trailer for DC League of Super-Pets. And as that title suggests, this is an altogether more irreverent, family-friendly take on the Dark Knight.

In fact, the animated movie is only tangentially focused on Batman. The bulk of the movie, which is adapted from the Legion of Super-Pets franchise, focuses on the loyal canine cohorts of Bruce Wayne and his perennial rival Clark Kent/Superman. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are the voices of Ace the Bat-Hound and Krypto the Super-Dog, both of whom have to assemble a tail-wagging collective when their respective masters are kidnapped by Lex Luthor.

That's a joyous, Jumanji-evoking double-act right away, but it gets even better with the revelation that Keanu Reeves voices Batman (having been courted for 1995's Batman Forever). Meanwhile, John Krasinski voices Supes. It's an excellent vocal line-up working with under The LEGO Batman Movie co-writer Jared Stern. We can surely expect the same level of quick-fire verbal gags and visual jokes in this, which comes from the wider LEGO Movie animation stable Warner Animation Group.

Check out the trailer below and try not to chuckle at the sly reference to "whoever Morgan Freeman played" in the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. DC League of Super-Pets is released on 20th May 2022.