Discover how Venice became Tom Cruise's playground in this new Mission: Impossible featurette

The Mission: Impossible franchise is famous for turning the world's most iconic locations into hotbeds of tension, peril and stuntwork. The new movie, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, is no different, unlocking a dazzling race against time along the shadowy canal paths of romantic Italian hotspot Venice.

The scene gives rise to the tracking shot seen in the trailer as Tom Cruise's IMF hero Ethan Hunt sprints into action down an arresting, candle-lit avenue. It can't have been easy squeezing an entire cast and film crew into this most restricted and atmospheric of environments, not least when all manner of seat-clutching action depends on it. (This also entails a punch-up in an impossibly small alleyway that needs to be seen to be believed.)

Go behind the scenes of the Venetian filmmaking with Cruise and writer-director Christopher McQuarrie in the following video. It proves that the real mission impossible is to transform a tangible location into a playground for mayhem, the kind that will leave audiences breathless and exhilarated. True to form, however, Cruise and McQ pulled it off – find out how by watching the clip.



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