Experience Le Mans '66 in ScreenX at Cineworld

Cinemagoers will be transported closer to the tarmac than ever before when they watch Le Mans ’66 in ScreenX.

ScreenX takes the big screen thrills up a notch as audiences are immersed in the world's most renowned and feared race circuit, Le Mans, upon which the Ford Motor Company took on the dominant Enzo Ferrari race cars. This is the battleground shared by revered Ford designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and British racing driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale).

ScreenX - the world’s first multi-projection theatre technology provides a 270-degree viewing experience which projects onto the screen and side walls of the cinema and was added to Cineworld’s range of exclusive cinema offerings last year.

The immersive technology amalgamates several images into one single picture which extends from the central screen outwards, enabling audiences to feel part of the film.

The side walls of the cinema are designed to have the brightness and colour perfectly match the main screen content, and speakers are placed specifically to achieve optimum sound and a truly impactful movie experience.

Le Mans '66 is also showing in IMAX, 4DX and Superscreen, and don't forget that your next ScreenX release is Dwayne Johnson movie Jumanji: The Next Level, releasing on the 11th of December.

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