Roll out and experience Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in premium formats at Cineworld

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts assembles multiple factions of the classic Hasbro franchise for an epic battle to end them all. The Autobots and the Maximals go head to head with the planet-consuming Unicron and rampaging Terrorcons in a war that rages from New York to Peru.

The sheer scale and spectacle of the new Transformers movie mean it's time to expand your Cineworld viewing experience to the next level. Scroll down to discover all the ways in which you can do this.


1. Be awed by the scale of the Transformers in IMAX

IMAX's singular aspect ratio (1.90:1 versus anamorphic widescreen's 2.39:1) ensures that the Autobots, their allies and enemies seem even more gargantuan. 

IMAX's remastering process enlists dual projection and perfectly tuned surround sound to transport you into a fight for survival. Every frame glistens with astonishing clarity, warmth and depth while every nuance of the sound design resonates to heart-pounding effect.



2. Feel the impact of the action in 4DX

Immersive 4DX technology, replete with thrilling multi-sensory effects and moving seats, is exclusive to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland. So, don't miss the chance to truly feel the new Transformers movie as you watch it.

Stimulating effects (water, wind, scent and strobe lighting) are timed to enhance what’s happening on screen. High-tech motion programming commands your seat to move and vibrate in time with spectacular mechanised collision and explosion.



3. Ensure your Transformers viewing feels like a masterpiece in Superscreen

Every movie feels like a masterpiece via the expanse and wonder of Superscreen. Breathtaking multidimensional sound, powered by epic Dolby Atmos speakers, combines with state-of-the-art projection on our huge screens, so every second that you spend with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the rest of the Transformers is a thing to behold. 



4. Transform your viewing into a truly memorable experience at a Cineworld ViP cinema

The Autobots are known to look out for each other, so which of your movie-going allies will you be taking to Transformers? Whoever they are, seek out the ViP treatment at a Cineworld cinema near you.

Take advantage of complimentary dining and access to our exclusive lounge 45 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Indulge in unlimited snacks and drinks and recline in our luxury seats as the Autobots and Maximals fight for the future of our world and the future of their own.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is on release now at Cineworld cinemas. Click the link below to get your tickets.