Gemini Man: from ScreenX to 4DX, all the ways you can experience the movie

Will Smith action movie Gemini Man, out now in Cineworld cinemas, tests the boundaries in a host of thrilling ways. Directed by Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain; Life of Pi), the movie presents us with a dual performance from Smith, as he plays both ageing assassin Henry Brogan and his younger clone Junior.

The latter is brought to life by cutting-edge CGI effects that make the years float away. But the interactivity between two versions of the same character is just the start. The movie has been shot in an ultra-high frame rate, which in the words of the filmmakers takes in "135 times more data" than the standard projection in 24 frames per second.

The end result is a globe-trotting action-thriller with a hyper-real visual aesthetic. And there are several ways to experience the trendsetting qualities of Lee's new movie...


ScreenX is a revolutionary 270 degree viewing experience that extends the immersive qualities of your favourite blockbusters. As Henry's battle with Junior takes him on a bullet-ridden journey from Cartegana to Budapest, ScreenX pulls audiences further into the world of the movie.

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Watching Gemini Man is one thing. Feeling it is something else – and that's where 4DX steps in. 4DX unleashes a host of effects including wind, lighting, rain and fog, accompanied by moving seats, that render every punch and gunshot of Smith's latest epic.

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The latest blockbusters are meant to engulf and overwhelm. Experiencing Gemini Man in IMAX means the aspect ratio is larger and more immersive – 26% larger, in fact, than your standard widescreen presentation. Couple this with heart-pounding audio and it promises a Gemini Man experience like no other.

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State-of-the-art projection on huge screens, plus Dolby Atmos Sound, means Superscreen is the perfect environment in which to experience Gemini Man.

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