Generate your Top Gun call sign and be like Maverick

Short of being an enlisted pilot, there's no chance of attaining a real-life Top Gun: Maverick experience. Or so you'd think...

Ahead of the film's release this May, a cool new website allows all you prospective aviators to secure your own Top Gun Academy call sign. Of course, the handle Maverick has already been nabbed by a certain Tom Cruise, who returns to his star-making role after more than 30 years away.

Even so, who could possibly resist the chance to secure their own Top Gun identity?

Click here to generate your Top Gun: Maverick call sign.


Top Gun: Maverick picks up with Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell as he trains a new crew of cadets in the art of aerobatic combat. One of said recruits is Rooster (Miles Teller), the son of Maverick's deceased wingman Goose (Anthony Edwards).

The stage is set for a blend of personal fireworks and awesome hardware as director Joseph Kosinski pushes the boundaries of IMAX cinematography.

This is further goosed by the decision to have the Top Gun actors flying in the jets for real. More than that, they had to capture their own aerial photography, and all of this is set to make for a truly immersive cinematic experience.

With cameos from familiar Top Gun faces including Iceman (Val Kilmer), now an Admiral, plus all the beach sports and backlit sunsets one can expect, this is surely the Top Gun experience we've all been waiting for.

Don't forget, you can win tickets to the Top Gun: Maverick regional premiere by entering our Cineworld competition. The movie screens out of competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival before taking off on May 27th.