The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cast on ghosthunting, snacks and legacy

Slimer in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire trailer

We recently caught up with two generations of Ghostbusters to celebrate the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. In one corner, we have Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace who play the new Ghostbusters Phoebe and Trevor. They're joined by Paul Rudd who's back in the franchise as the former teacher turned stepfather Gary Grooberson. 

In the following fun extracts, Finn and Phoebe do their rendition of the classic Ghostbusters theme tune and talk about old ghost-hunting exploits via app. They also talk about their favourite cinema snack hacks (don't forget about our Cineworld Ghostbusters ICEE flavours). Check out the videos below.

Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace give us their take on the Ghostbusters theme song


The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire cast on haunting each other in the afterlife


Mckenna Grace on her old ghost-hunting habits


Watch the full interview with Finn, Phoebe and Paul below.


Separately, we caught up with Ghostbusters legend Ernie Hudson who returns to his role as Winston Zeddemore. Hudson has been with the franchise since it began in 1984, and he's here to answer questions from you Cineworlders.


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