Halloween spooky season at Cineworld

Halloween season is upon us and that means all manner of delightfully terrifying offerings on the big screen at Cineworld.

However, who’s to say that being scared is just for grown-ups? Contained within the following Halloween round-up are several family-friendly gems that expertly walk the divide between the spooky and the sentimental.

That said, if you are looking for something truly nerve-shredding offerings, then we've got plenty to entertain you. Scroll down to find out more.


Barbarian (released October 28)

A young woman uncovers subterranean horror in this acclaimed indie chiller. Black Mirror star Georgina Campbell plays the young woman who discovers sinister secrets beneath her rental home. Critics have lauded the movie’s unpredictability and shocking twists, which are further augmented by an appearance from IT’s Bill Skarsgard and Jeepers Creepers’ Justin Long.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (released October 28)

Looking for something more family-friendly this Halloween? Then opt for the 20th-anniversary re-release of the second Harry Potter movie, which instilled a darker and more threatening air into the classic Hogwarts set-up. As young Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) uncovers the titular Chamber of Secrets and its connections to House Slytherin, director Chris Columbus marshals some effectively creepy set-pieces including that infamous spider moment.

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Prey for the Devil (released October 28)

The devil’s handiwork is evident in this jumpscare-laden horror offering. When a young nun is offered the chance to be trained as an exorcist, against the strict orders of the Catholic church, she cannot begin to imagine what will be unleashed. Soon, the ultimate spiritual battle is on as a young girl’s spirit hangs in the gulf between good and evil.

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ParaNorman (released October 28)

It’s back to kid-friendly shenanigans with this delightfully morbid and sweet-natured stop-motion offering from the masters at Laika. Horror fans will revel in the myriad Easter Eggs and genre initiates will enjoy the ghoulish Claymation tactility on display as a small American town is overrun by a curse placed by a 300-year-old witch. Luckily, spiky-haired young outcast Norman is on hand to save the day.

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The Thing (released October 31)

John Carpenter’s masterpiece of paranoid, skin-crawling terror, now 40 years old, finds its truest expression on the big screen. Both suggestive in its suspense and explosively horrific in its gruesome gore effects (courtesy of Rob Bottin), Carpenter’s movie throws audiences headlong into a frightening conflict. When a group of Antarctic research scientists is exposed to a shape-shifting alien organism that can imitate all life forms, no spine will be left untingled and no soul will be left unchilled.

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Coraline (on release now)

In the second of our Laika Halloween offerings, you can step into the surreal and creepy world of young girl Coraline. Laika’s debut feature film remains a trippy and visually arresting treat as Coraline’s wish for better parents opens a portal into a nether world with a dark undercurrent. Director Henry Selick honours Neil Gaiman’s source material with all manner of memorable creature designs and landscapes, ideal as a first-time Halloween experience for younger audiences.

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Poltergeist (on release now)

Poltergeist is now 40 years old, so how many times have you experienced this seat-gripping classic of supernatural suspense? No matter how many, you’ve never witnessed it in 4DX at Cineworld before. This unique sensory experience, replete with moving chairs, wind, scents and effects, promises to invest even more terrifying life into this sublime haunted house shocker, directed by Tobe Hooper and overseen by Steven Spielberg. Two words: clown doll…

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Halloween Ends (on release now)

Experience the cathartic final battle between the embattled Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her fearsome, knife-wielding nemesis Michael Myers in the showdown to end them all. You can also expect some curveballs along the way as the rebooted Halloween trilogy, which started with 2018’s Halloween and continued with 2021’s Halloween Kills, comes to a grisly close…

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Smile (on release now)

There’s still time to catch this sleeper horror hit from director Parker Finn. He adapts his short film Laura Hasn’t Slept, bringing us the disquieting tale of a psychiatric nurse plagued by a malevolent curse. When we say that said curse makes everyone resemble Heath Ledger’s Joker, you get an idea of the level of creepy. Expect major shocks and memorable gore effects as you work towards the jaw-dropping finale.

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