5 hilarious Ryan Gosling moments that prove he's perfect to play Ken in Barbie

Margot Robbie lights up the screen with her leading role in the new Barbie movie, but those who've already seen it know it's all about the scene-stealing Ryan Gosling.

Whereas Robbie's Barbie starts to question her influence, both good and bad, on the kids of the real world, Gosling's Ken discovers what he thinks it takes to be a man.

Ken believes he has no definition when Barbie isn't paying attention to him, allowing Gosling to unleash a high-camp performance that has to be seen to be believed. This results in a hilarious odyssey that scrambles both the world as we know it and the pastel-pink environs of the Barbie universe.


Surprised by the fact that the usually serious Gosling is capable of the funniest performance of the summer? You needn't be. Here are five moments that demonstrate he's always been funny.


1. Papyrus

Gosling taps into the sublime comic timing demonstrated in the likes of The Nice Guys for this memorable SNL sketch. Who knew that the choice of the Papyrus font for the Avatar logo could lead to such an existential crisis?

2. Breaking down with Harrison Ford

Ryan Gosling. Harrison Ford. Blade Runner 2049. Not exactly a line-up that would invite hilarity and guffaws. But it only took a couple of moments from This Morning's `Allison Hammond to set the otherwise taciturn actors off, in the process selling the movie more effectively than a bland behind-the-scenes look.

3. Cracking up at Greg Davis' school story

Gosling evidently enjoys making a preening fool of himself in the Barbie movie, and one suspects this stems from a desire not to take himself too seriously in real life. Case in point: his gasping, teary-eyed reaction to British comedian Greg Davis' poopy story on the Graham Norton Show. It's sublimely wonderful.

4. Trying British snacks for the first time

As a Canadian, we imagine that Gosling isn't exposed to too many British snack foods. This all-important gap in his life was filled in the following video.

5. Recapping his embarrassing dancing days

Once again, Graham Norton shows a remarkable ability to get the biggest A-list stars to relax and open up about embarrassing incidents from their past. In fact, this video about Gosling's fleet-footed dancing past would appear to set up his role as Ken, which involves at least one fantastic dance number.

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