IF: meet the all-star cast behind this summer's best imaginary friends

Who remembers their imaginary friends from childhood? Imaginative adventure IF is about to bring those nostalgic memories roaring back in a big-screen blend of emotion and humour. Writer-director John Krasinski brings us the story of a grieving young girl and her next-door neighbour who are both attuned to the remarkable and wondrous world of the IFs, which translates as 'imaginary friends'.

These delightful creatures come in all shapes and sizes but they're united by one thing: they've lost their beloved childhood companions. It falls to our heroes to reconcile the IFs with their humans.

Ryan Reynolds leads the cast of this must-see family adventure, and the vocal ensemble is seriously impressive. Providing the voices of the various IFs are Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Louis Gossett Jr., Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Maya Rudolph, Jon Stewart, Bobby Moynihan, Sam Rockwell, Sebastian Maniscalco, Christopher Meloni, Richard Jenkins, Awkwafina, and Steve Carell.

Is that enough big names for you? Check out the following behind-the-scenes clip of the recording sessions as the various actors get in touch with their inner IFs.

Click the link below to book your tickets for IF. It previews on May 11th and 12th before its wide release on May 17th.