IMAX movies in Cineworld: all the Christopher Nolan blockbusters headed your way

Ahead of Tenet's release on 26th August, we're delighted to be screening a clutch of Christopher Nolan blockbusters in IMAX. Scroll down for all the details.



Most films simply invite you to watch. However, IMAX actively immerses you in the scope and scale of the biggest and most breathtaking blockbusters. Christopher Nolan has emerged as a staunch advocate of the format, having shot with IMAX cameras ever since The Dark Knight. He creates memorable worlds on screen, and the IMAX format invites us to step inside, complete with enlarged screen curvature and perfectly integrated sound.

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What Christopher Nolan movies are showing in IMAX at Cineworld?

Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan's rule-breaking Batman saga began here, with Christian Bale's debut as the tortured Bruce Wayne. Batman Begins is painted on an epic scale by DP Wally Pfister, and makes a virtue of its excellent cast, also including Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy and Liam Neeson. Begins is both broad in scope and intimate in psychological focus, with the sweeping vistas of Gotham City tailor-made for IMAX presentation.

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The Dark Knight

Did you know that the very first IMAX sequence shot by Nolan was The Dark Knight's bank robbery scene? Those of you who were there back in 2008 will remember being riveted by the immersion of the introductory sequence, and now you can revisit the film's sense of scale all over again. This is your chance to plunge back into a world without rules, embodied by Heath Ledger's chilling, Oscar-winning turn as The Joker.

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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight trilogy came to close with the explosively cathartic Rises, whose sense of scale and teeming sense of character-led action is catnip for IMAX enthusiasts. Once again, Nolan exploits the format for all he's worth, particularly during the audacious opening plane escape, which introduces us to Tom Hardy's Bane. Escape reality for a few hours and re-engage with the final battle for Gotham's soul.

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What would the architecture of your mind look like? It's a concept that allows Nolan, freed from the conventions of the Batman mythology, to paint with extravagantly imaginative strokes. Led by Leonardo DiCaprio, the twisty and complex Inception trusts the audience to keep up, as it burrows down through numerous subconscious layers. And the deeper it goes, the more spectacular the set-pieces become when seen in IMAX. This includes the famous revolving hallway fight scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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Most of us will likely never go into space. Fortunately, the combination of Christopher Nolan and IMAX helps us imagine what the journey would be like. Nolan's typically ambitious sci-fi takes us through a black hole on a journey to find another planet suitable for human habitation. And, as ever, the beauty and terror of Nolan's vision demands IMAX presentation, from towering waves to a dizzying docking sequence set to Hans Zimmer's pulsating score.

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What Christopher Nolan movies will you be watching in IMAX at Cineworld? Will you watch all of them? With Tenet due on 26th August, tet us know @Cineworld.