Indiana Jones: John Williams musical deep cuts from the Dial of Destiny soundtrack (spoilers)

We recently explored the deep relationship between the Indiana Jones movies and the stirring music of John Williams. (Click here to read it.) And with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny now on release, the sharp-eared among you may have heard several implicit musical references during the fabric of the score.

If you're wondering what they were, scroll down to find out more.



1. The Medallion (from Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981)

Heard during The prologue motorcycle fight (track 'Germany, 1944', 0:32 to 0:43)

In Raiders, Indy's former love Marion (Karen Allen) is menaced by Gestapo agent Toht (Ronald Lacey) prior to the shootout in her Nepalese bar. Williams' discordant high strings and propulsively brassy menace, originally used when Toht threatens Marion with a fireplace poker, is appropriated during The Dial of Destiny's opening motorcycle skirmish.

2. On the Tank (from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989)

Heard during The prologue motorcycle fight (track 'Germany, 1944', 0:44 to 1:28)

Williams recycles more material relating to those pesky Nazis. Specifically, he composes a new arrangement for the utterly thrilling tank battle stand-off from The Last Crusade. Is this Williams' way of musically linking past and present while reinforcing that Indy really does hate these guys?

3. The Fist Flight/The Flying Wing (from Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981)

Heard during The prologue motorcycle fight (track 'Germany, 1944', 1:29 to 2:20)

Talking of Nazi face-offs, they don't come more famous than the sequence from Raiders when Indy is pulverised by the bruising Nazi mechanic (played by series regular Pat Roach). In The Dial of Destiny, we get a welcome recapitulation of Williams' visceral and brassy punch from said plane fight sequence, albeit in a new presentation and out of order from the original sequence.

4. Ants! (from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 2008)

Heard during The bomb drop on the castle during the Germany prologue sequence

This cue doesn't feature on the soundtrack album for The Dial of Destiny, but it's present in the movie. About to be hanged by the Nazis, Indy (in his de-aged, youthful form) is saved by a bomb that crashes through the ceiling of the castle acting as the Nazi hideout. Williams repurposes his effectively skin-crawling, writhing material from the Crystal Skull ant attack sequence as the bomb plummets down from floor to floor.

5. Marion's Theme (from Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981)

Heard during Indy's boat conversation with Helena and the finale in New York (tracks 'Perils of the Deep', 1:48 to 2:31, and 'New York, 1969', 0:48 to 1:47)

The relationship between Indy and Marion is the emotional spine of The Dial of Destiny. After all, their history even pre-dates the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Therefore, it makes sense that Williams repurposes her beautifully delicate theme several times, the music acting as both a poignant reminiscence and an act of redemption come the movie's end.


If this has stirred up nostalgic memories, then click the link below to watch the latest Indiana Jones adventure at Cineworld. The movie is on release now.