Influencers board the 4DX Bullet Train at Cineworld and share their rave responses

What does it feel like to board the Bullet Train? We're not talking about the Japanese mode of transport – we're referring to the new rollercoaster ride of a movie starring Brad Pitt.

We sent a group of influencers to experience the relentless new action thriller in Cineworld in 4DX. That meant raincoats came on and seat rests were gripped as the 4DX format, exclusive to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland, unleashed its full volley of scents and effects in line with the film's frenetic mayhem.

4DX utilises wind, scents, rain and moving seats to immerse audiences in the world of the biggest, most spectacular blockbusters. Naturally, Bullet Train is made for 4DX as the seat movement mirrors that of the titular mode of transport, rocking and rolling to give people a palpable ride. (While you're at it, check out Brad Pitt's response to 4DX at the Cineworld premiere of Bullet Train.)

Meanwhile, the tactility of the effects reflects and enhances the eye-watering battle for survival between assassin Lady Bug (Pitt) and his competitors. 

What did people think of Bullet Train in 4DX? Watch our video to find out – and yes, there was snow in the Cineworld auditorium, too!


Are you ready to board the Bullet Train for yourself? Then click here to book your 4DX Bullet Train tickets. The movie is on release now in Cineworld cinemas, so tweet us your 4DX reactions @Cineworld.