Inside Out 2: your guide to the new emotions featuring in Pixar’s must-see sequel

Image of emotions Anxiety, Embarassment, Ennui and Envy in Inside Out 2

Puberty is a big problem in Disney-Pixar's Inside Out 2. In this sequel to Pixar's Oscar-winning masterpiece from 2015, young girl Riley is beset with a whole host of new emotions as she starts the awkward transition into adolescence. That means her old emotional cohorts including Joy (Amy Poehler) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) must brace themselves for a series of disturbances at Emotion HQ within Riley's head.

The original Inside Out meshed its gorgeous animation with piercing and profound insights into our psychological make-up, speaking to adults, kids and the perennial kid existing within the adult. It stands as one of Pixar's greatest achievements and expectations are high for the sequel. Here's your guide to the new emotions.



Voiced by Maya Hawke

New arrival Anxiety is bound to shake up everything in headquarters and beyond. A bundle of frazzled energy, Anxiety enthusiastically ensures Riley’s prepared for every possible negative outcome, and she largely defines Riley's transition into adulthood.

Anxiety is voiced by Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Fresh from appearances in the likes of Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, Hawke now prepares to make her Pixar debut.

“There’s something about this story and these characters that I think really brings fundamental truths about our experience to the surface,” Hawke tells Empire. “It’s so relatable, so emotional, so pure, that whether you want to or not, you use what you have and what you’ve been through.”

In fact, Hawke cried during her audition process, explaining: “It was an extremely desperate thing to do, but I think what people are looking for in audition rooms is passion. That it means something to them personally, and they’ll put pieces of themselves into it."

Image of Anxiety emotion in Inside Out 2



Voiced by Ayo Edebiri

She may be small but she sure knows what she wants. Envy is perpetually jealous of everything everyone else has, and she’s not afraid to pine over it.

Rising star Ayo Edebiri voices Envy. Edebiri has made a name for herself in the likes of The Bear and last year's irreverent high school comedy Bottoms, and now she's set to put her stamp on the new Pixar movie.

Image of Envy emotion in Inside Out 2



Voiced by Adèle Exarchopoulos

It's hard making teenagers care about anything and Ennui takes a lot of the credit for that. Ennui couldn’t care less. Bored and lethargic with a well-practiced eye-roll, Ennui adds the perfect amount of teenage apathy to Riley’s personality, when she feels like it.

Ennui is voiced by Greek actress Adèle Exarchopoulos who was acclaimed for her role in the romantic drama Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013).

Image of Ennui emotion in Inside Out 2



Voiced by Paul Walter Hauser

Embarassment and teenagers go together like ham and eggs. Riley's new emotion Embarassment likes to lay low, which isn’t easy for this burly guy with a bright blush-pink complexion.

One of Riley's new emotions, Embarassment is voiced by the versatile Paul Walter Hauser. He was acclaimed for his leading role in Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell and recently won a Golden Globe starring opposite Taron Egerton in Black Bird.

Image of Embarassment emotion in Inside Out 2


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