Interview: the directors of Wish on 100 years of Disney magic

The release of Disney's magical new animation Wish coincides with the studio's 100th anniversary. It really has been a century of myth-making and world-building, taking us on adventures beyond imagination that have compelled us to wish upon a star and much more.

Wish riffs on this rich and extraordinary Disney history as it takes place in the enchanted kingdom of Rosas where people send in their wishes to King Magnifico (Chris Pine). However, young girl Asha (Ariana DeBose) discovers that not all is as it seems, especially when she teams up with the fallen Star to bring balance to Rosas.

Wish is a collaborative effort between Chris Buck, a veteran of the studio's blockbusting Frozen, and debut filmmaker Fawn Veerasunthorn. What did it feel like to fashion a feature-length ode to Disney's centenary? And what would they ask for if they wished upon a star?

Find out in our behind-the-scenes interview.

Turn your dreams into a reality and click the link below to book your tickets for Wish. The movie is released on November 24th.