Introducing the Inside Out 2 voice cast: who's who in the emotional ensemble

Disney-Pixar's Inside Out 2 promises to stir up all the emotions. Remember that with the Cineworld Family Ticket, you can share the Inside Out 2 experience together.

In this sequel to Pixar's Oscar-winning 2015 classic, emotions Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust must grapple with young girl Riley's progression into adolescence.

That means the emergence of several new emotions, each more complicated and multifaceted than the last. Scroll down to discover who they are.


 Amy Poehler (voices Joy)

Cast your mind back to the first Inside Out. Riley's arrival in the world coincided with the birth of Joy who acted as the leading emotion inside the young girl's head until the onset of the early adolescent years. Joy soon realised that she had to make amends with Sadness (more on whom below) whose seemingly negative attributes turned out to be a redemptive feature.

It turns out that the complex mixture of uplift and melancholy is an instructional part of getting older, and this informs Joy's return in Inside Out 2. As Riley becomes even more tempestuous, Joy must grapple with emotions that are both familiar and unfamiliar. Joy is once again voiced with spirit and verve by Golden Globe-winning comedian and Saturday Night Live veteran Amy Poehler.


Phyllis Smith (voices Sadness)

Phyllis Smith's enjoyably downbeat take on Sadness was one of Inside Out's highlights. Sadness' fellow emotions wrote her off as a joyless bore, but it turned out that melancholy contained its own form of emotional truth. Sadness' input informed Riley's upset at being moved to a new town, and upon the verge of Riley running away from her parents, the simpatico bond between Joy and Sadness helped save the day.

Smith, famous for her roles on hit shows The Office (the American version) and The OA, returns to voice Sadness in Inside Out 2. What journey will the blue-hued Sadness undertake this time?


Lewis Black (voices Anger)

Everyone needs to let off steam every once in a while, including Riley. Credit this to Anger, the hilariously explosive red emotion who's voiced with biting energy by stand-up comedian Lewis Black. Given that Riley is now a teenager, we're expecting Anger to become a more dominant force in Inside Out 2 as he informs those notorious adolescent mood swings that everyone remembers having.

Tony Hale (voices Fear)

Tony Hale replaces Bill Hader to voice the tremulous and cowardly Fear in Inside Out 2. Emmy-winning actor Hale, best known for Armando Iannucci's scabrous satire Veep, is an accomplished voice actor who voiced the endearing makeshift toy Forky in Pixar's very own Toy Story 4.

Liza Lapira (voices Disgust)

Dollhouse actor Liza Lapira replaces Mindy Kaling as the voice of the dismissive, high-falutin' Disgust. In the original Inside Out, Disgust had opinions on everything including, famously, broccoli on pizza. (We'd have to agree there.) Given how fussy and temperamental teenagers are, we imagine Disgust has an even bigger part to play in Inside Out 2.


Maya Hawke (voices Anxiety)

Most teenagers are defined by a modicum of anxiety – it's all part of the growing process and learning to formulate one's identity. Anxiety's arrival is the most important facet of Inside Out 2's storyline as she helps inform Riley's increasingly complex emotional range, and practically reshapes the emotional landscape in her own image. Thanks to Anxiety's input, no longer are we dealing with an upbeat young girl but a strenuous young woman whose deliberations over the smallest things cause massive ructions.

Anxiety is voiced by Maya Hawke, the daughter of actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Maya Hawke has been very much on the ascent with eye-catching roles in the likes of Wes Anderson's Asteroid City.

Image of Anxiety emotion in Inside Out 2

Ayo Edebiri (voices Envy)

Ayo Edebiri is very much on the rise following her acclaimed performances in the kitchen-based series The Bear and the offbeat high school comedy movie Bottoms. She voices Envy, another emotion directly tied into the adolescent experience. We all remember this when we were teens: why can't we have what others have? That's Envy's influence hanging in the background.

Image of Envy emotion in Inside Out 2


Adèle Exarchopoulos (voices Ennui)

It's hard to motivate teenagers to do anything, from getting out of bed to doing homework. Lying in the background (literally and figuratively) and driving this lack of energy is Ennui, voiced by Greek actress Adele Exarchopoulos who received critical acclaim for the forthright romantic drama Blue is the Warmest Colour.

Image of Ennui emotion in Inside Out 2


Paul Walter Hauser (voices Embarrassment)

Embarassment and the teenage years go hand in hand like bacon and eggs. At the end of Inside Out, we got a glimpse of this with the hilarious 'girl alarm' sequence. Now, we see how Embarassment exerts an acute influence over Riley herself. This new emotion is voiced by the versatile Paul Walter Hauser who has impressed in everything from Clint Eastwood's factual drama Richard Jewell to the hard-hitting prison series Black Bird, for which Hauser won a Golden Globe and an Emmy award.

Image of Embarrasment emotion in Inside Out 2


Kensington Tallman (voices Riley Andersen)

Kensington Tallman may not be an A-list name like the rest of the cast, but she plays a critical role in voicing the older, increasingly difficult Riley. Tallman replaces Kaitlyn Dias who voiced the younger Riley in the first movie.


Diane Lane (voices Mrs. Andersen)

Veteran actor Diane Lane, who made her film debut in 1979's A Little Romance, directed by George Roy Hill, returns to voice Riley's loving mother. Lane has also been acclaimed for her roles in Francis Ford Coppola's evocative period piece The Cotton Club (1984) and thriller Unfaithful (2002). 


Kyle MacLachlan (voices Mr. Andersen)

Kyle MacLachlan is best known for being director David Lynch's muse. The actor's memorable appearances in Lynch's twisted projects Blue Velvet (1986) and the small and big-screen takes on Twin Peaks, have seen him earmarked as a cult icon. MacLachlan is back to voice Riley's sympathetic father Mr Andersen.


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