The 5 most spectacular Dune: Part Two scenes to see again in Cineworld-exclusive 4DX and ScreenX

Were you left awestruck by Dune: Part Two last weekend? More importantly, did you watch the movie in Cineworld exclusive 4DX or ScreenX? If not, then a second Cineworld visit is definitely on the cards to fully absorb the sounds, textures and sights of the planet Arrakis.

For those who don't know, 4DX is a motion-sensory format that immerses you in wind, water and scent effects, which work in conjunction with motion-controlled seats. All of this is timed with the on-screen action, which promised to embolden every Fremen attack and every insurgent sandworm lurking beneath the Arrakis sands.

ScreenX envelops you in a 270-degree viewing format, projecting sequences onto the side walls of the cinema via the power of 12 additional projectors. The movie subsequently goes beyond your peripheral vision to truly engulf and astonish, putting you at the heart of the battle for Arrakis.

Remember, the 4DX and ScreenX premium formats are exclusive to Cineworld, promising a spectacular Dune: Part Two experience you won't find anywhere else. And with our new £5.99 CineSaver ticket, applicable Monday to Wednesday, you only have to pay a small uplift to enjoy Dune: Part Two in these formats.

Here are five great sequences from the movie that will take on new life when seen in 4DX and ScreenX.




1. Paul and Chani attack the spice harvester

Director Denis Villeneuve is celebrated for his sense of scale and physical tangibility. Dune: Part Two takes this to the next level with scrupulous attention to detail in both the small-scale detail details and the maximalist environments, particularly regarding the overwhelming size of the spice harvesting sequences.

If your first viewing of the spice harvester attack sequence took your breath away, then 4DX promises to imbue the sequence with an even greater sense of physical movement while ScreenX surrounds you with the sheer scale of the vehicle. Don't just watch Paul (Timothée Chalamet) and Chani's (Zendaya) battle against the Fremen. Go for the Cineworld-exclusive experience to feel the exhilarating impact of the conflict in your bones and the pit of your stomach.


2. Paul rides Shai-Hulud

The pivotal worm-riding sequence lies at the heart of Frank Herbert's original Dune book and Villeneuve more than does it justice. He actively pulls us into Paul's point of view, placing us on the back of Shai-Hulud ('old man of the desert') and plunging us through dunes and out the other side as our central character embraces his destiny as the Fremen 'mahdi'.

Need we say more about why 4DX is tailor-made for sequences like this? Every time the worm pounds through the sand your motion-controlled seat is set to register the impact, all the while as the motion-sensory effects amplify the feel of roaring wind and sand. ScreenX, meanwhile, enhances the visual canvas by projecting the sequence out to a 270-degree format, making it akin to a rollercoaster ride.


3. Feyd-Rautha entertains the crowd

Austin Butler is a chilling, animalistic presence as Harkonnen hopeful Feyd-Rautha, who eventually becomes Paul's nemesis in the battle between House Harkonnen and the remnants of House Atreides. Feyd-Rautha's gladiatorial entrance is as vicious as it is visually remarkable with Villeneuve adjusting the colour palate to a monochrome shade to represent the Harkonnen's home world of Giedi Prime.

It's here that Feyd-Rautha asserts himself as a fearsome physical presence by battling and killing the remaining House Atreides survivors in the gladiatorial ring, all the while watched by his scheming uncle the Baron (Stellan Skarsgard). Feel every fierce cut, lunge and jab in the 4DX format, and be truly overwhelmed by the scale of the arena when you watch in ScreenX.


4. The Fremen lead the Shai-Hulud attack on Arrakeen

It's in the trailer but nothing compares to the seat-shattering impact of watching Dune: Part Two's epic conclusion on the biggest screen you can find. Now that Paul has embraced his various destinies, both as the Fremen chosen one and the long-prophesied 'kwisatz haderach', he can lead the Arrakis Fremen to what is considered 'paradise'. Those who have read the book will know that what lies in Paul's future is anything but paradise. Nevertheless, watching events unfold is thrilling and engrossing.

As the worms emerge from the sandstorm to lead the assault on Arrakeen and bring things to a head, 4DX comes into its own with all the seat-shaking vibrations and movements one can imagine. All the better for replicating the implacable assault of the worms, as Paul prepares to confront the treacherous Emperor Shaddam IV (Christopher Walken) who has landed on Arrakis with his daughter Princess Irulan (Florence Pugh).

Given this is the largest-scale sequence in the movie, be sure to further amplify the experience with the 12-projector-enhancement that can only come with ScreenX. It'll ensure that you feel surrounded by the vast bulk of the myriad sandworms as the story reaches its conclusion.


5. Paul versus Feyd-Rautha

Everything comes to a head as the future of House Harkonnen dukes it out with the surviving heir to House Atreides. What might be seen as a simple crysknife fight between the rapidly-evolving Paul Atreides and the sadistic Feyd-Rautha is transfigured into a mythical clash of destinies, one that holds drastic implications for everyone in the known universe.

The all-important spectactors in the scene include Chani, the Emperor, Irulan and the recently transformed-into-a-Reverend-Mother, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson). Their stunned reactions are likely to mirror your own, particularly when you embrace the physical impact of Paul and Feyd's clash in 4DX, or when you choose to witness their battle for survival on the grandest possible scale in ScreenX.


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