Never Been Seen: 8 Christopher Nolan scenes that are going to be incredible in 4DX

Christopher Nolan has directed some of the most memorable movies of the last two decades, bringing us such enduring classics as Inception, Dunkirk and The Dark Knight trilogy. Epic in scale, stunning to look at and full of mind-bending twists, his films are about as spectacular as cinema gets. 

And they're about to take on a whole new dimension, as here at Cineworld we've lined up some of Nolan's biggest blockbusters for our latest range of Never Been Seen films that are coming to 4DX for the very first time. In case you don't know, 4DX is the cinematic innovation that everyone's talking about, not only delivering stunning 3D visuals and sound, but thrusting the audience right into the heart of the action with a whole host of sensory effects – including movement, smells, wind and water blasts.   

From Friday 9th to Thursday 22nd September, we are running a limited-time offer where you can gain admission to any 4DX, ScreenX or Real D 3D screening for the price of a standard 2D ticket. Unlimited members will be able to experience these premium formats for FREE, as there won’t be any uplift charges* during this period.

And even better is that you'll be able to watch a range of Christopher Nolan films in 4DX for the very first time, including Interstellar, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Also getting the 4DX treatment will be The Fast and The Furious, the 2001 action movie that kickstarted the breakneck action franchise.

In addition to the films mentioned above, you can see current films Minions: The Rise of Gru and Spider-Man: No Way Home in 4DX, Bullet Train, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Top Gun: Maverick in ScreenX, or Jaws in , for the price of a standard adult ticket.

So, what's in store for movie fans who come to Cineworld to watch Christopher Nolan's movies in 4DX? Here, we've highlighted the scenes that we think will be especially awesome in this breathtaking format...


1. Bane crashes a plane (The Dark Knight Rises)    

One of the most exciting things about 4DX is the way that your seat rocks and reclines in time to the action on the big screen. And the action comes thick and fast in this opening scene from part two of Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. As Bane and his henchmen carry out their plan to kidnap nuclear scientist Dr Pavel from a CIA plane, the aircraft is turned 180 degrees, causing all hell to break loose in the fuselage. Having grabbed his target, the masked villain then ejects the pair of them out of the plane, which crashes to the ground below. If you thought this scene was exciting in 2D, wait till you experience it in fully immersive 4DX! 



2. Joseph chases a drone through a cornfield (Interstellar)

Much of Interstellar's appeal stems from its complex, multi-dimensional storyline, and trying to solve the riddles set by Nolan and his screenwriter brother Jonathan. But the film has its fair share of out-and-out action scenes, too, including the one where widowed NASA pilot Jonathan Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and his kids set off in pursuit of a surveillance drone. This promises to be a real thrill in 4DX – with the family's truck ploughing through a cornfield towards a cliff edge, you can expect a full sensory assault, as if you yourself were riding as a passenger. Hold on tight!



3. Batman fights Ra's al Ghul on a train (Batman Begins)

Nothing gets the adrenaline rushing like a good old-fashioned train fight, and the one directed by Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins is up there with the best. Tension levels go through the roof as the Caped Crusader swings and crashes his way through the city in a desperate bid to catch up with the runaway monorail on which the evil Ra's al Ghul (Liam Neeson) is travelling. Smashing through the window, he locks horns with the League of Shadows leader as the train hurtles at high speed towards its impending doom. We won't tell you what happens in case you haven't seen it, but suffice to say that in 4DX it's a rip-roaring experience. 



4. Batman attempts to rescue the hostages (The Dark Knight)

Mayhem ensues inside the Prewitt Building as our hero glides in to save a bunch of innocents who've been kidnapped by the Joker and his gang. With a SWAT team descending fast, Batman discovers that the people in the clown masks are actually the hostages and not the bad guys, forcing him to single-handedly take on the military before they kill the wrong people. As an intense, multi-storey gunfight erupts, Nolan flexes his action-movie muscles, illuminating the screen with explosions, billowing smoke and shattered windows galore. It's a visceral rollercoaster ride that's absolutely made for 4DX.  



5. Joseph and Amelia fly into a black hole (Interstellar) 

Interstellar won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, and this scene is one of the reasons why. As Joseph and Amelia (Anne Hathaway) navigate their way into the great unknown – aka a supermassive black hole named Gargantua – Nolan and his team pull out all the stops to create a suitably psychedelic filmscape. With meteor showers and turbulence hammering their vessel into near oblivion, this four and a half minutes of cinema should be pretty rad in 4DX. We can't promise it'll be exactly like flying into a black hole, but it's probably about as close as you're gonna get.   



6. Batman and Catwoman go after the bomb (The Dark Knight Rises)

Anne Hathaway lands all the best roles! In this scene, her Catwoman gets to ride a Batpod through the streets of Gotham City as she and Batman – flying awesome new aircraft the Bat – set off in pursuit of Talia al Ghul's bomb-carrying truck. Don't be too envious, though – watching The Dark Knight Rises in 4DX, you'll be placed right there in the scene, feeling every swerve, duck and dive as your seat moves in time with the action. With Cineworld's immersive sound system delivering heart-pounding audio throughout, a white-knuckle experience is guaranteed.



7. Batman unleashes the bats (Batman Begins)

In one of the most dramatic scenes from Nolan's first Batman film, the Caped Crusader sets out to rescue Rachel, who's been drugged with a hallucinogen by Dr Jonathan Crane – aka Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy). To evade the police so that he can give her an antidote, Batman lets loose a huge swarm of bats, which create havoc among the armed cops. In immersive 4DX, this scene promises to be electrifying, with wind effects, movement and, of course, breathtakingly realistic sound making it feel like the winged creatures are swooping over your own head. Duck!



8. The Joker ambushes a police convoy (The Dark Knight)

There's something deeply satisfying about an underground car chase, and the scene in which the Joker and his mob harry a police convoy transporting district attorney Harvey Dent, before laying it to waste with bazookas, is truly a sight to behold. When seen in Cineworld's 4DX format, though, it's so much more than that, with the Joker's ambush, and Batman's electrifying intervention, being brought to life with a multitude of sensory effects. 



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