Oppenheimer featurette explores the impact of Ludwig Goransson's score

The visceral impact of Christopher Nolan's atomic thriller Oppenheimer is elevated by the pulsating, keening sound of Ludwig Goransson's score.

The movie stars a terrific Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer who went down in infamy as the father of the atomic bomb. Goransson's music takes us inside the realm of Oppenheimer's brilliant yet tormented mind, giving form to his thoughts on atomic theory and his fears as to how his knowledge will eventually be weaponised to horrific effect. 

In keeping with Nolan's past movies, the score is part of a monumental sonic overload that mixes compassionate string elegies with thunderous onslaughts of percussion and distorted electronic effects that anticipate the arrival of a terrifying new age.

Discover how Nolan and Goransson, who first worked together on 2020's Tenet, came up with Oppenheimer's inner voice in the following musical breakdown.

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