Step into the battlefield and witness Ridley Scott's Napoleon in IMAX, 4DX, ScreenX and Superscreen

Ridley Scott's new historical epic Napoleon is very much of a piece with his earlier classics The Duellists, Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven. It's truly vast in its scope and canvas as it dramatises the turbulent life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte, the military commander who seized control of France and attempted to bend the course of European history to his will.

Napoleon is played in typically unpredictable and mercurial form by Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix (who collaborated with Scott on Gladiator). The film explores several of Napoleon's key campaigns including Cairo, Austerlitz and the fateful Battle of Waterloo and the nature of the story evidently demands the biggest screen possible to do it justice.

Step into Napoleon's battle-scarred world in the following premium formats at Cineworld.



Napoleon offers the kind of enveloping cinematic canvas for which IMAX was designed. Larger-than-usual screens combine with a unique remastering process so every hard-hitting battle sequence glistens with added detail. A perfectly tuned integrated sound and speaker system is the icing on the cake for how it sonically absorbs you in the blood, sweat and tears of Napoleon's rise to power.

Find out more about the IMAX remastering process in the following behind-the-scenes video.




Feel the blast of the cannons at Austerlitz and the thunder of the cavalry charge at Waterloo when you experience Napoleon in 4DX. This multi-sensory format is unique to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland, promising a visceral Ridley Scott experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Motion-programmed seats are timed to every moment of combat as Napoleon consolidates his power. Scents and effects, including rain and wind, give tangibility to the visual action, making you feel as if you're standing next to the great man on the battlefield. To reiterate, this is an experience that is wholly unique to Cineworld. In other words, nowhere else can you physically step into the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The specifics of 4DX and how it works to immerse a movie audience can be discovered in our behind-the-scenes video clip.





Another Cineworld exclusive, ScreenX employs a 270-degree wrap-around effect to truly put you in the heart of the drama. Napoleon is Ridley Scott's first movie to be projected in the ScreenX format and is therefore something of a historical landmark itself.

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Unique to Cineworld, Superscreen fuses state-of-the-art projection, delivered on huge screens, with breathtaking multidimensional sound powered by epic Dolby Atmos speakers. In other words, it'll make you feel like you're right there. 

Napoleon is bursting with all kinds of historical detail from the costumes to the cannons, the battlefield to Napoleon's marital bed chamber, so if you want to turn your moviegoing experience into a masterpiece, this will launch you on your way.

All the essential information about Superscreen can be discovered in this video.




Napoleon opens at Cineworld on November 22nd.