Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt experience 4DX – sort of

Have you experienced Cineworld-exclusive 4DX yet? You'll soon want to after watching A-listers Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt get the 4DX treatment (well, sort of). The two irresistibly likeable stars are toplining the action-packed new comedy The Fall Guy, and we wanted to put them through their paces.

Gosling plays Hollywood stuntman Colt Seavers who must locate his missing leading man (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) while grappling with his love for director Jody (Blunt). The movie, directed by David Leitch (Bullet Train), is an immersive and visceral salute to the craft of stunt performance, full of pyrotechnics, close calls, shootouts and chases.

It is, therefore, the perfect film to get the motion-sensory 4DX treatment as motion-programmed seats, wind and rain effects are coordinated in time with every punch, boat jump and impossible leap from building to building. 4DX is designed to put you in Colt's shoes for added visceral punch, and we conjured our own 4DX green screen experience (overseen by David Leitch) for the film's stars.

From back massages to floral scents, seat shaking to immersive clouds of fire extinguisher steam, watch Emily and Ryan's hilarious contrasting experiences to get a sense of the full range of 4DX, from soothingly relaxing to excitingly chaotic. Remember, this is exclusive to Cineworld, so be like Ryan and Emily and book your 4DX tickets via the link beneath the video.

Which 4DX experience is more your bag? Ryan's or Emily's? And would you be able to hold onto your in-cinema snacks as successfully? Click the link below to book your 4DX tickets for The Fall Guy. It's released at Cineworld on May 2nd.