Ryan Reynolds says Disney wants a Free Guy sequel

Ryan Reynolds has another box office hit on his hands with Free Guy. The exciting yet sweet-natured adventure about a sentient video game character defied pandemic expectations, grossing $51 million worldwide. So, it's little wonder that studio Disney wants a Free Guy sequel – at least, according to Reynolds himself.

On Twitter, the razor-sharp star was quick to acknowledge the irony, given that Free Guy takes great relish in skewering sequels and reboots.


Is this a mere pipe dream? Or are we actually getting more adventures with Reynolds' loveably dorky (and newly self-aware) Guy? The fact that director Shawn Levy also posted about the news indicates that it may well be true.


It's far too early to be talking about casting or potential release dates. Even so, the prospect of Guy levelling up to his own sequel makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If all this talk has made you want to watch the movie again, then click here to book your tickets for Free Guy.