Sigourney Weaver talks Avatar in behind the scenes video

Avatar: The Way of Water continues to blow the UK box office competition out of the... well, water. James Cameron cements his position as king of the moviemaking world, fashioning an Avatar follow-up that has commanded a loyal following some 13 years after the first film's release.

Audiences have been keen to drink in every aquatic facet of the planet of Pandora. As Cameron pushes the performance capture boundaries to even more visually dazzling heights, we prepare to welcome three more Avatar sequels to the screen in the coming years. It's evident that the emotional highs and lows of the Na'vi have only just begun. (With spoilers, find out how Avatar: The Way of Water sets up Avatar 3.)

Avatar: The Way of Water centres, at least in part, around Sigourney Weaver's character Kiri. The Na'vi teenager has been fashioned out of the DNA of Weaver's deceased character from the first movie, Dr Grace Augustine, and Kiri possesses the ability to converse with Pandora's great deity, Eywa. These powers are teased during The Way of Water's final battle and will surely play an even bigger role as the series progresses.

Go behind the scenes with Weaver in the following extract as she describes Cameron's overwhelming vision and what it was like to portray Kiri.


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